Precisely Tailored 3D Product Configurators — CPQ

for modular and made to measure industrial product manufacturers

NEW: Custom Cabinets including made to measure flexible dimensions and fine detailed visuals

NEW: Hall Configurator version update! Support for multiple buildings solar power calculator and enhanced visuals.


NEW: a Duct Configurator for an innovative customer. Including an automated duct autosizing function.

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote, and CPQ software is a type of sales tool that helps companies quickly generate accurate quotes for complex products or services. CPQ software allows sales representatives to configure product features and options, determine pricing, and generate quotes for customers based on their specific needs and preferences.

CPQ software can be used by a variety of industries, including manufacturing, technology, and services. It is particularly useful for companies that sell customized products or services with a large number of configurable options. By automating the configuration and pricing process, CPQ software can help sales representatives save time, reduce errors, and improve the accuracy of quotes, resulting in faster sales cycles and increased revenue.

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Our advantage of using parametric 3D visualization is that it allows for greater flexibility and control over the design process. Changes to the model can be made quickly and easily, and the designer can experiment with different variations without having to start from scratch.
Parametric 3D visualization is widely used in fields such as architecture, industrial design, and engineering, where accurate and precise 3D models are required for planning, visualization, and analysis.

Configure 1st is featured in Gartner Group’s Innovation Insight for Visual Configuration report 2020 as one of 23 global leading developers of today.

Features included

  • Rotate 3D model on screen
  • Select basic structure
  • Modify measures
  • Insert applicable elements (e.g. windows to hall, shelves to cabinet)
  • Save design for further improvement
  • Generate detailed Bill of Materials
  • Generate structural 2D images
  • Send quote (or offer)
  • Modules and parts are configured as needed
  • Material colors and accessories are selected
  • The visual look is branded to match customers' visual guide
  • Sends summary Email to factory including all information
  • Available export options are CVS or JSON for CRM, CAM e.a.
  • Export BOM to your existing system
  • Export customer info to your existing system
  • System runs from Amazon AWS or local servers

More Features

  • Automated pricing based on unit price and material consumption
  • Select to show or hide prices from the customer
  • Set and update prices online
  • Styled PDF summary for printout or send via Email
  • Allow end customer to browse and modify the design at home
  • Lock deadline
  • Fix modifiable features per customer case
Automated transport calculation from factory to customer
  • Save customer data
  • Collect design information
  • Add design(s) under customer
  • Browse and select customers for detail view
View statistics via:
  • Reseller organization
  • Person
  • Date
Get information from:
  • Offered items
  • Sold items
  • Given discounts
Calculate %-shares
  • Sold items per material per manufacturer
  • Material usage (item count, length, square meters)
  • Export BOM to your existing system
  • Export customer info to your existing system