We have been in Sales Configurator business over 10 years, yet our first Industrial Configurators we created already in 1985 – over 30 years ago.

As a recognition to our work we have received Cannes Lions Medaillon Bronze, and Facebook First Price nominations.

Our Credit rating is AAA, best in industry that only 2% of companies reach. So in short: We deliver high quality at agreed schedule.

Thoughts from our respective Customers

    • “… everything works easily with a browser”
    • “… reduced number of iterations can save processing time up to weeks”
    • “… sales configurator is a clear advantage than what we had before”
    • “… RFQ:s growth rate is about 30% per month”
    • “… our ERP was slow and limited but now I can browse reports that I need, with my iPad”
    • “… monthly fee suits us. We pay as we go”